Your Soulpicture

I paint soulpictures by help of the angels and archangels. These pictures show your inner soul and are in relevance to your reality of life. Acrylic on canvas, using essences of healing stones, herbs or other ingrediences like lightwaters intuitively. It comes with a long and detailed letter.

sizes und and prices

40 x 60 cm 250 €
50 x 70 cm 300 €
60 x 80 cm 350 €
80 x 100 cm 400 €









 Your healing picture

These lovingly and individual crafted water colour pictures contains the seven holy lightwaters and supports you during your healing works or changing processes with their special energies . The size is 17 x 24 cm and it will be delivered with a personal detailed message.

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price: 100,- €







Individual Angel Letter

You can order your personal angel letter which is given by the spiritual word via me, if you are in need of a certain message in your current situation or for information to a topic.You can ask for informations from your spirits or just let them give you the message, you need to get just now.

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price: 50,00 €








Angelic cards with messages from your angels and ascended masters 

This card set was created by Ashanar with support from the spiritual world. The pictures  in it have been painted with angelic energies and with channelled messages to specific topics. The card set contains 26 cards of arc angels and spirits and 60 decision symbol cards, as well as a  booklet (68 pages). You receive high vibrating light energy support and the exact informations, you will need for your all day life. The card set is only available in German.

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price: 24,50 €


Soulportraits are portraits of loved ones that passed and to whom there is still a strong connection.

With a photo of the loved one as template I draw a detailed and caringly portrait (size DIN A4, 21 x 29,7 cm). I receive a message from them already during the sketching process and write it down as soon as I finished the portrait. A lot of healing thereby happens and the love, that´s still there becomes visible. Used materials: pencils, carchoals, colored crayons on drawing paper.

price: from 100 € (depending on the amount of drawn persons)

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