These are the feedbacks of my customers

“The reaction to your picture was: incredible speechlessness. She couldn´t believe it and the soulletter met the point so accurately that there was only the chance to shake the head. Hit the nail on the head.❤ ❤ ❤”
Conny K.

Doris Leugers

“It started 10 years ago when I was in a deep health life crisis. Then I received my first soulpicture. My awareness was turned to the outside totally. What are my assets, what can I do, what is my performance. By now after 10 years I have got a completely clear awareness by always receiving new written soulletters/soulpictures and the handsome accompany of Sonja. To reach this gifts are of incredible value for me. I take care of the signals of my body and try to fulfill the needs. Also within my family there have taken place several changes and I can say, that our children have developed a sense of sensibility and are able to live it in their daily routines, too. I thank Sonja/Ashanar so much from the bottom of my heart that she has been willing to do this work for me. With deepest gratitude, Doris Leugers.”

“We are all deeply touched by our family soul picture. Really it is wonderful and gets a very special place. Also the soulletter attracted all of us to the heart. Please take our honest gratitude and feel embrassed indeed. Light and Love Hartmut, Dana, Lea and Sabine Götze.”

„Dear Sonja, first of all I would like to thank entirely for taking time to find the answer by angels help. I believe that you live you talent with what you are doing. I feel so well cared by you with so many questions. I ordered an angel letter from you because I was in a deep misery and there was no way out. I asked myself: How does it continue, why doesn´t it continue? Why do I have the feeling that everything stands still? The angel letter has helped me to be brave again and it confirmed my doing. It felt so good.
Christine M.”

“Dear Sonja,

Today I got my soulpicture and it mirrors my soul absolutely, wow, I´m so flashed, especially the colours are fitting so well. Again and again I´m astonished how well the angels know me, the picture and your explanation toched me deeply. Thank you so much indeed for this wonderful present. Light and love, Anna”

“Dear Sonja,

I would like to give you a feedback to your work. In these days, in June 2012 I ordered my soulpicture from you. I was very curious what it would say about me, as a person and my spiritual development and objectives, whereas I was looking for the sense of my life. Since then I have been attracted by spirituality, the spiritual world and the angels. You gave me trust with your soul letter that my way is the right on and I shall believe in myself. I have already worked with people energetically, hold Reiki sessions, meditation evenings and improving currently at two teachers (medium). Your words strengthened me to believe, to trust in my word and not to give up to fast. Because in the beginnings it is always difficult to bring these themes closer to the people. I understood that I´ve always been at the right place in time and help people to more love to themselves. So many people cannot accept themselves. I would like to help them to recognize their own light. Then last year you wrote an angel letter for me. It was a phase in my life when I was very disappointed. Our conversations and your angels letter helped me understand what had happened. I really understood that everything in life, each get together with people, even if it is very sad has sense. Today I see my former pain as gift from heaven. I have improved towards being authentic and feel so much more respect for my feelings, needs and myself. I thank you so much, your emphathy as human and dedication to work with angels has helped me so much. I thank you indeed, all the best. Jacky”

“Dear Ashanar,

This wonderful picture touched us deeply, everything about it and the absolutely suitable letter with precision which I haven´t expected. The colours, the text, the motive, the messages, thanks and greetings from our hearts, Simone und Frank”