About me

I´m Ashanar and help you to balance your body, mind and soul.

Dear visitor,

Your goodstanding and health is the most important to me. I would like to be there for you, to help you finding back to a good path which gives you satisfaction, health, joy and inner peace.

I use my whole strength and connection to the spiritual world, the angels and transcendent masters, so you will be well again or only even better than before. For many years I have been a channel for heavenly wisdom by receiving dedication to the light channel opening. This supports you to understand yourself in a better way, to carry out changes bringing you further to receive more life quality. Therefore, I use intuitive paintings, different essences, essential oils and of course a lot of healing and supporting energy. I highly appreciate your interest in my work and I´m looking forward having you as a visitor to enjoy my website.

Love is all

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